Monday, 27 November 2017

A&P Show work

Last week, Rimu had a task of doing eight activities about the A&P Show. Last week I posted my photo book and that's part of the activities. I only got four finished. I am very disapointed that I didn't complete them all. I'm not a really fast worker with some things, so it was quite hard to finish it all. Next time I think that I need to work harder, and be more creative with the way I present my work.

We orignaly made most of our things on paper, but since we are putting it on our blogs, we had to make them digital. Some of my work was already digital so that makes things easier.

Here is my Alpaca's booklet:

Here's my photo book:

Here is my History work:

Here is my recount:

On the 16th of November my class went on a trip to the A&P Show. We were all put into small groups to go around the show. I was in a group with Bella, Base and Laura. The adult in our group was my mum. I was really pumped about going to the A&P show with my friends.

On the way there, we talked at listened to music. I couldn’t stop laughing, everyone was making me laugh so hard. But on the way there we passed a really expensive car yard. And at the very front there was… my dream LAMBORGHINI! I was starting to hyperventilate and I nearly fainted. But luckily I had some water just on time.

Finally after sitting in A LOT of traffic, we finally got to our destination. We all got our bags out of the boot and headed to the entrance. Since Mrs Spragg saw us all she let us head off to look around. We saw a bunch of cars, so of course we had to go look at them. They all looked so clean and sparkly and all I could do was dream about owning them all. We went over to look at some Range Rovers. I of course had to open the door look inside. It was so cool! There were so many buttons! But there was one car that was a race car. It looked like one of the cars I race on my racing games on the Xbox. It was awesome.

After that we found this little area that had tiny little cars that you can ride. We weren’t technically going in the banned area, so we got two tickets and had a ride. I drove Bella in a yellow car, and Base drove Laura in a blue car. When first got moving I drove right into the blow up wall the had. Bella and I cracked up laughing. After a bit I finally got used to it and I was zooming around the corners, it was so much fun (but I feel like we nearly tipped over). When we started heading over to the dirtbike races, Base realized he lost his phone. But luckily Laura remembered where he left it. It was on the ground right next to a Porsche.

We went over to look the dirtbike races. The track was so cool. But there was a bit where there are a bunch of big rocks that they had to ride over, but every time someone tried to over they got stuck. It was pretty funny.

After that we went to look at the big tractors. At the start they were pretty small but as we went along, they got very big. We walked over to this massive harvester, and I went up the ladder to stand on the platform. It was pretty high up. I was too scared to stand up so I just crouched.

We didn’t do a lot after we had lunch, but I had a lot of fun for the rest of the day. I can’t wait ‘til I go another time. I will definitely look at the cars again.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

A&P Show Photo Book!

Last Thursday, Rimy went to the A&P show. We were all put into small groups to go around the show. I was put in a group with my mum, Laura, Bella and Base. I had a lot of fun. The main thing I wanted though was a big pink alien, and I got one! For our projects that we're doing in class, we had to make a photo book. Here's a slide full of photos from our trip!

Friday, 20 October 2017

Uru Manuka Logos

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great holidays!

This week all of Rimu has been creating their own logos for the Uru Manuka logo contest. If you don't know what 'Uru Manuka' is, it's basically a cluster of eight schools in Hornby. What we had to mainly do is create four logos and change them to see which one we like. I had a lot of fun doing this because I found a new website which makes making logos really easy and fun. So I made a slide with all my logos that I created. I would really appreciate it if you gave me your feedback in the comments.

Here's my slide:

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Adding Fractions!

For the past two weeks I've been learning how to add fractions with different denominators together. It was quite challenging but I got it in the end, and turns out it's actually really easy! So today I made a DLO explaining how to add fractions yourselves.
Next time with my DLO, I might use something different to explain my learning because I always make a slide and/or a screencastify.

So, has this helped you understand adding fractions? I hope it did. Bye!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Yesterday, the YMS the year 6 to 8 choir went to Avonhead school for a practice with the other school choirs. It was really fun. It was great to run through some of the songs I didn't really know. My favourite song was 'Africa'. It's really catchy. Also while I was there I saw a few people who I knew. I was very tired afterwards, and my thumb starting hurting a lot because I had to hold my book for a very long time.

Here is a photo of us at the choir practice:

Monday, 4 September 2017

I'm Back!

If you were wondering, where I've been, well I have a broken arm.

Straight after school, on Tuesday the 15th, I decided to go on the trampoline. Usually I can do cartwheels really well, but... not on that day. I was bouncing and bouncing and started my cartwheel. As soon as my arms were straight, I started coming down. Just before I landed I knew it wasn't going to end well.

I landed and then... SNAP! Yes, I heard my arm snap. With a high-pitched scream I quickly walked inside to my dad. Eventually when ambulance arrived they gave a whistle which was full pain relief. But when I opened my eyes it felt like I was in a dream because everything looked funny. But of course, before I got into the ambulance I had to say goodbye to my cat.

Because I broke both bones in my arm, I had to have surgery. All they had to do was put in three wires to straighten up my arm. This surgery was my first surgery I've ever had, so before I fell asleep I was petrified. I couldn't even control my body. It was really weird.

But now, I'm finally back at school. I'm so glad that I'm back.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bill Nagelkerke

Yesterday a New Zealand author came to our class for a visit. His name is Bill Nagelkerke. While he was here he talked to us about his books and some tips if you want to become an author. One of the books he read was 'Emily's Penny Dreadful'. I really liked the start of the story, I really want to read the rest, it sounds really cool.

My favourite part of the visit, was when he read his book he made when he was 8 about an old kids tv show he watched when he was younger. Before he left he showed us a magic trick. It was really awesome.

I really enjoyed his visit, it was interesting to listen to him and discover new books. Here are some pictures of our experience: